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KIDSTYLE: Morning Worship For Children (kids@rbch.org)

Below is our Worship Kidstyle program for kids K-6th grade.  This program is geared towards the age and numbers of our current attendees.

Kidstyle Gods Style or is it God Style KidStyle? 

WORSHIP KIDSTYLE begins during the last half of the 10:00 a.m. Sunday service. It is one of our newest and exciting ministries for our children in grades 1st-6th. Kidstyle is a unique and fun worship service tailor-made for this age group. Children have shorter attention spans than adults and need a variety of activities and methods that will hold their interest while learning about God and the Bible.

Our goal at Kidstyle is to TURN KIDS ON TO GOD. We want children to get excited about coming to church; to become fascinated with their creator; to experience the warmth of His love; and to experience the sheer joy of genuine worship. We feel that a church has failed God if it makes Him out to be some boring, distant, not interesting to learn about being when a simple look out into our universe declares the very opposite.

This 10:00 a.m. children's worship service was devised to benefit the parents as well. No longer do our parents (especially mothers) feel as if they came to church only to babysit. Parents no longer have to be distracted, upset, and feel like they had a hard time concentrating on what was said or done during the service.

Kidstyle worship keeps the attention of these precious little ones by rotating them through five different learning centers which includes:

  • Worship Center
  • Story Center
  • Bible Game & Coloring Center
  • Game Center
  • Art & Puzzle Center

Each center lasts 15 minutes and is threaded around a verse or main topic for that day. In addition to holding the children's attention by having them travel through a variety of centers, the Kidstyle curriculum that we use employs teaching methods at each center that are "learning style sensitive". We believe, as many educators do, that children have different learning styles (auditory, kinesthetic, or visual).

Kidstyle is one of our children's favorite experiences because they are able to learn about God with their friends; experience worship through new and upbeat praise and worship songs, learn sign language in the story center, and be around some of the most passionate leaders for Jesus Christ.

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